Pelucolandia la criolla

This is the first chapter of my 12 chapters comic about Economical History of Ecuador, something similar to most of the History of the rest of countries of Latin America (Adobe Photoshop, 2012-2013)


This is the beginning of my Graphic Novel Posorja, a story beginning in the territory of present-day Ecuador, in South America, in the mid-fifteenth century. Huancavilca people were preparing themselves to receive the unusual visit of the Inca Emperor Tupac Yupanqui ... (Procreate for iPad - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Indesign - 2019)

La Comedia Inmortal

This comic is my version of the original theatrical comedy 'La Comedia Inmortal' (1926) by the brilliant Ecuadorian writer Pablo Palacio (1906-1947), irony written as a sharp critique of the theater that was performed in Ecuador in those years, and also against public complacency in the face of such shows. Therefore, tradition says that when this play was released, people left the theater indignant, as the author expected.

With the authorization of the descendants of Palacio, I decided to pay tribute to this great writer, very carefully adapting his work to the comic format (I kept the text intact, without adding or removing even a word), also motivated because I feel that his criticism of almost a century ago is still necessary in many ways in the contemporary art environment.

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