Passion for evoking stories

Hi! My name is Pablo Ortega Lopez.

I am an Ecuadorian concept artist and an illustrator living in California for several years.
Like everybody, I started drawing when I was a little kid... but I never stopped.
I love to draw and paint on real canvas even though industry pushed me to use computers much more. So my Artwork is mostly digital now. However nothing like painting a real mural or feeling real oils and brushes or trying  to defeat the hardness of a rock to turn it into some rhythmic and delicate shape.

I love to alternate between natural realism to cartoon, mixing techniques ranging from drawing on paper to mural, from clay and plaster, wood, granite and cement to digital sculpture; from Photoshop and Procreate to Z Brush, Maya and Blender..
On the other hand, in my free time, I have been drawing a graphic Novel (something that I love so much).
Also, if I have extra strength for the weekend I take my brushes and my oils to enjoy de delicious beauty of nature, or my amateur carpenter tools to build my kid's tree house.
The more I learn about Arts, the more I want to know about light, beauty and life.